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friends?. . or something else. . .

masama ba makipag kaibigan sa mga nakarelasyon mo na dati? masama bang balikan ang nakaraan? o masama bang di kalimutan ang mga pinag samahan?. . . .

yan ang mga nagiging problema sa mga relasyon. . .mga relasyon na mababaw ang dahilan. . .mga relasyon na basta nakiparelasyon lang. . .mga relasyon na gusto mo lang. . .at kung ano ano pa. .

ikaw ba? kaibigan mo ba mga dati mong nakarelasyon? o kinalimutan mo na ng tuluyan ang mga pinagsamahan nyo?. . .

may kanya kanya naman dahilan kung baket ayaw na nilang balikan ang nakaraan. . nandyan ung masakit na karanasan. . nakasakit. . nasaktan. . at wala lang. . mga dahilan na dapat irespeto. . pero ganon nalang ba yun kadali. .?

di naman masama makipag kaibigan sa mga dati mo nga nakarelasyon. . kung may dahilan ka na makakatulong sa buhay mo. . mga pinagsamahan na kailanman nasa libro na ng buhay mo. kahit punitin mo ang pahina na yun. . di maaalis sa isip mo kasi ikaw sumulat nun.

iniisip nila pag tapos na tapos na. . ganon nalang ba yun? para san ba relasyon? para masabi lang na may karelasyon ka? para magawa mo mga gusto mo sa karelasyon mo? dahil mahal mo yung tao? gusto mo lang yung tao? o maka experience lang para masabi galing na ko jan.

maraming mga katanungan pero walang saktong sagot. . walang tama. . walang mali. . hindi naman porke kaibigan mo mga karelasyon mo dati eh gusto mo silang balikan. . yung iba gusto lang gawin mga ginagawa nila dati. .yung iba naman hindi maka move on. . pero ano ba punot dulo ng relasyon? san ba nagsisimula yun?di ba sa pagkakaibigan? bakit naiiba ang pananaw nila kapag usapan na eh nakikipag kaibigan ka sa dati mo karelasyon. . bakit iba nasa isip nila imbis na isipin nila yung pinagmulan ng relasyon. . ang friendship pinaka base ng isang relasyon. .

iba iba naman ang pananaw eh. . kanya kanya nalang ng opinion . . kung di naman masama intensyon mo bakit hindi diba?. . hindi nyo naman kelangan mag reminis sa mga pinagsamahan nyo. . ang importante yung pinagsamahan. . kayo ba? kaya nyo ba? ano dahilan nyo? . . . . friends? . . .or something else? . . .


loving a single parent suits morality?

         nowadays, our culture is being corrupted by the other cultures that what we see

         in this world. Filipino ethics can’t be change but the way of living today
has a new revolution that we cannot stop it. single parent are increasing
in every Filipino people who are most of them young and not ready yet.
in my case,i have my own beliefs and views in life. but something has change me.
someone who i can give up my beliefs for me to understand what life’s out there to offer.

          i met a girl in the city were I’m working. i got a feeling that she was different in other
girls i met before. she was sophisticated person and it was new to me to handle it.
i like it because she’s different. as time goes by,we get along with each other, knowing each other.but still
i feel that there’s behind her glamorous looks and way of living that can’t me satisfied for what i am looking for.
            until it end in a certain point that i finally know what secrets she have. she is a single parent.
at first i was shock because i never had a situations like this. i was upset for what i discovered.
it was against my beliefs to be committed to someone who has started but didn’t work out.the culture we have,
           the point of view of pinoys can’t please it. so there’s allot of questions that in morality in our society See’s
that it is embarrassing to commit a relationship with someone who has started it. but is it really humiliating to have
 relationship with a single parent? in our present time, there’s Lot of situations like me and the main reasons that they
wanted to is love. different cases but same situations and reasons. but is it only love that is base on it?
accepting the fact that love can do anything, can make your life change. and I’m proud to say that i am one of them.
people who fights to please everyone that i is not bad to commit with a single parent that i have now. they still have
the right to move on and be loved again. they are sill human to feel what other lovers feels it.
there just ahead. some have regrets what happens to them, some are just not happy for the result of what hey chosen.
they deserve to love and to be loved. but still in the society we have, some people can’t accept the fact that
we have a new generation today and we can never turn back and still be living in old beliefs and life.

         for the people who have same situations that i have. don’t be ashamed. be proud of it. it not that they have children or a
broken family, it is the chance that you gave to them to be on tract again. to feel the love and to share their love to the
person that they believe they would be happy for the rest of their lives. they are still a person to be bless because
your not just loving the person, you are giving them the chance to be happy and make things life fulfilled to them. allot of
questions and people saying about it. what the heck, i run my show. . run your own. .